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Project Management (PM):  Our Company provides Project Management services for the concept, design and implementation stages of a Construction project.  The Project Management approach allows for the hiring of a Main Contractor by the owner.  The Project manager manages one Contractor throughout the life of the project.  Some attributes of this approach are:

  1. This is the traditional (design – tender – build) approach.
  2. The price is fixed with Minimum cost risk to the Owner.
  3. The design has to be completed prior to tendering.
  4. The owner is able to make informed decisions from conceptual budgets and timelines developed with the PM in the early stages of a project.
  5. The PM provides oversight on behalf of the client on the design team, driving design milestones and evaluating the constructability of the designs.


Construction Management (CM):  The Construction Management approach allows for the hiring of numerous Contractors for the different work packages.  The Construction Manager manages the many Contractors throughout the life of the project.  Some attributes of this approach are:

  1. The project can start in a shorter period of time than the PM approach given that the designs do not have to be completed before the project starts, only the design for the work to be started, must be completed.
  2. The price is not fixed and the final price is only known when the final package is awarded.  However there is the potential to reduce the overall Construction cost with this approach due to the elimination of the Main Contractor’s overhead and profit.
  3. The project is broken into several work packages to be executed by individual Contractors.
  4. The individual Contractors are hired by the owner.  The Construction Manager manages the tendering and provides tender reports for the owner’s consideration and approval.
  5. The design and implementation stages run concurrently.

Contract Administration: PEL performs the role of Contract Administrator on almost all of the projects that we work on. This service is described below.

  1. The Contract Administrator administers the Conditions of Contract between the Owner and the Contactor or Contractors
  2. This position is described as the “Engineer” in the FIDIC form or Contracts and the “Architect” in the TTIA and JCT forms or Contract.
  3. The position requires impartiality, integrity and an understanding of the form of Contract being administered including the particular conditions of the specific Contracts.

Quantity Surveying (QS):  Our Company provides in house Quantity Surveying services.  This service is described as follows:

  1. In the early stages of the project, the QS measures the various components of the project, prepares a bill of quantities and provides budgeted costs.
  2. During the project, the QS will prepare the tender documentation for tender, maintain the budget and evaluate the Contractor’s valuations & costs for changes.
  3. The cost management of a project from preparing a good budget to the management of the budget throughout the life of the project is an extremely important role in any project.


Safety Management:  On all projects our Company strives to maintain an incident free record.  We believe and are fully committed to the health and safety of our employees and the employees of the Contractors who work on our projects, and to the respect and the protection of the environment including Communities surrounding our projects.

  1. Our company record speaks for itself as we have been managing projects since 2005 and to date have suffered no major incidents on any of our projects.
  2. Our Site Managers are responsible for Health & Safety on each site.  On larger scale projects we provide a designated Safety Manager.
  3. We understand that the safety of all involved is our responsibility and we believe that working smart and safe it is a more efficient and cost effective approach to working on Construction projects.
  4. We subscribe to the philosophy that the people scheduling the work and setting out the work, carry the primary responsibility for safety.


Quality Management:  We pride ourselves on delivering a quality end product to our clients and will spare no resource to ensure such is achieved.  Our return clients are testimony to this aspect of our services.

  1. Construction projects contain many, many, aspects which can go wrong.  Attention must be given to ensure that when something is built, it is built correctly the first time. The philosophy of “Measure twice and cut once” is very relevant in the Construction industry.
  2. Quality control on projects are achieved through many aspects.  The most important part is in the preparation.  The designs have to be adequately detailed and the specifications need to be available and relevant.  The Contractor needs to understand what is being built and how it has to be built.  The Contractor and the Site Manager has to review execution of the work prior to the commencement of the work.  The Contractor has to understand and buy in to PEL’s quality plan.


Value Engineering:  This is an aspect of the project that is not always visible.  Additionally Value Engineering occurs not only during the design phase but also during Construction.

  1. Only experienced and committed professionals genuinely provide Value Engineering.  It can easily be excluded as most of the time the act of providing this service requires more time from the Management teams as the change takes times to consider, get approved and get implemented.
  2. Recently a colleague recommended PEL for a project and indicated to the owner that when PEL works on Projects, we treat the projects like our personal money is being spent.  This in a nut shell is the philosophy we follow.


General Services:

a)        Selection of Consultants.

b)        Recommendations for the best procurement plan based on the specific attributes of each project.

c)        Safety Management.

d)       Management of the design team and the design process.

e)        Management of the design team and Contractors to ensure that all schedule, cost, quality, quantity and safety targets are met and recommend/manage any action that may be required throughout the project to maintain these targets.

f)         Chairing of the design coordination meetings during the phase to update/amend the designs and plan the project, and chairing of site progress meetings during the construction and commissioning phases.

g)        Preparation and management of an overall Project schedule which would bring all aspects and phases of the Project together.

h)        Preparation of the tender documentation for the work packages, the issuing of the packages for tender, the review of the submissions and the making of recommendations for the awards of the packages.

i)          Review and approval of the Contractor’s valuations.

j)          Issue the payment certificates for payment as the contract requires.

k)        Contract Administration services.

l)          Preparation and maintenance of the budget.

m)      Management of the sequencing and coordination of the site work.

n)        Management of the Contractor’s resourcing required to achieve the Project Schedule.

o)        Document control for the issuing of all drawings and specifications during the construction phase.

p)        Management of the request for information (RFI) process.

q)        Management of the process of the preparation and issuing of all Project Dossiers.

r)         Value Engineering & Constructability review.

s)         Verify compliance with specifications and scope of work deliverables by the contractors.